Work in Progress

Books and Edited Collections

  • Biography of John von Neumann. Under contract with Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.
  • The Aims and Structure of Cosmological Theory, with Chris Smeenk. Under contract with Oxford University Press.
  • Space, Time, and Geometry from Newton to Einstein, feat. Maxwell. (Lecture notes based on 2016 MCMP Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy)
  • The Geometrical Foundations of Classical Field Theory.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “The Local Validity of Special Relativity. Part 1: Geometry,” with S. Fletcher.  Preprint.
  • “The Local Validity of Special Relativity. Part 2: Matter Dynamics,” with S. Fletcher. Preprint.
  • “The Geometry of the Gauge Argument,” with B. Feintzeig.
  • “Between a Stone and a Hausdorff Space,” with J. Wu. Preprint.
  • “Dark Energy or Modified Gravity?” with C. Smeenk. Preprint.
  • “Torsion in the Classical Spacetime Context,” with H. Meskhidze. Preprint.
  • “Are General Relativity and Teleparallel Gravity Theoretically Equivalent?” with H. Meskhidze.
  • “On Stuff: The Field Concept in Classical Physics”.

Published work

Books and Edited Collections

Peer Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Moral Judgments Impact Perceived Risks from COVID-19 Exposure,” with C. O’Connor, D. P. Relihan, A. Thomas, P. H. Ditto, and P. K. Stanford. Forthcoming in Collabra. Preprint.
  • “The Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration: History, Philosophy, and Culture”, 25 interdisciplinary co-authors. Forthcoming in Galaxies.
  • “On Automorphism Criteria for Comparing Amounts of Mathematical Structure”, with T. Barrett and JB Manchak. Forthcoming in SynthesePreprint.
  • “The Best Paper You’ll Read Today: Media Biases and the Public Understanding of Science”, with A. Mohseni and C. O’Connor. Forthcoming in Philosophical Topics. Preprint
  • “Where Does General Relativity Break Down?” Forthcoming in Philosophy of SciencePreprint.
  • “Mathematical Responses to the Hole Argument: Then and Now”, with C. Bradley. Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science. Preprint
  • “Comparing Implementations of Self-Interacting Dark Matter in the Gizmo and Arepo Codes”, with H. Meskhidze, F. Mercado, O. Smaeie, V. H. Robles, J. S. Bullock, and M. Kaplinghat. Forthcoming in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Preprint
  • “Modeling How False Beliefs Spread,” with Cailin O’Connor.  In Routledge Handbook of Political Epistemology, M. Hannon and G. J. de Ridder, eds.  New York: Routlege (2021). (Preprint.)
  • “Two Dogmas of Dynamicism.” (Preprint.)
  • “Endogenous Epistemic Factionalization: A Network Epistemology Approach,” with Cailin O’Connor. Forthcoming in Synthese. Published version. Preprint.
  • “Some Philosophical Prehistory of the Earman-Norton Hole Argument.” Forthcoming in Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics. Published version. Preprint.
  • “On Representational Redundancy, Surplus Structure, and the Hole Argument”, with Clara Bradley. Forthcoming in Foundations of Physics. Published version. Preprint.
  • “Conformity in Scientific Networks,” with Cailin O’Connor. Forthcoming in Synthese. Published version. Eprint.
  • “Equivalence and Duality in Electromagnetism”. Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science. Preprint.

Book Reviews

Short Reviews, Commentary, and Other Publications