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Books and Edited Collections

  • Space, Time, and Geometry from Newton to Einstein, feat. Maxwell. (Lecture notes based on 2016 MCMP Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy)
  • The Geometrical Foundations of Classical Field Theory.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “The Motion of Small Bodies in Space-time,” with R. Geroch. Preprint.
  • “On Gravitational Energy in Newtonian Theories,” with N. Dewar. Preprint.
  • “Classical Spacetimes,” invited for inclusion in The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics, E. Knox and A. Wilson, eds. Preprint.
  • “Scientific Polarization”, with Cailin O’Connor. Preprint.
  • “How to Beat Science and Influence People: Policy Makers and Propaganda in Epistemic Networks, with Cailin O’Connor and Justin Bruner. Preprint.
  • “(Information) Paradox Regained? A Brief Comment on Maudlin on Black Hole Information Loss”, with JB Manchak. Preprint.
  • “Why Be Regular?” with B. Feintzeig, J. (Le)Manchak, and S. Rosenstock.
  • “The Geometry of the Gauge Argument,” with B. Feintzeig.
  • “Some Philosophical Prehistory of the Earman-Norton Hole Argument,” invited for inclusion in a special issue of Foundations of Physics on the hole argument, B. Roberts and J. Weatherall, eds.

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Books and Edited Collections

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