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Spring 2018

  • LPS 241: His Dark Materials

    In this graduate seminar, we will discuss a collection of issues in cosmology and in philosophy of science related to the role of simulation in cosmology, with a special focus on models of dark matter and galactic evolution. The goal is to establish a foundation for further work related to the project New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology.


  • Social Science H1E: The Good Life

    What is a good life? How do you live one? We start with philosophical answers to these questions, moving from the ancient Greeks to Nietzche to Foucault. From there we employ findings from economics, anthropology, psychology, and neuroscience to try to understand what makes people happy. As will become clear, we discover that goodness, happiness, and sociality seem to go hand in hand for humans. We conclude the class by looking at the evolution of human sociality and morality to understand why this is so.

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