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Winter 2017

  • LPS 241: Foundations of Classical Field Theory

    This two-quarter sequence will provide an introduction to differential geometry and classical field theory, including general relativity, Newtonian gravitation, and Yang-Mills theory. Our presentation will differ from a course on these topics offered in a physics or mathematics department in that the emphasis throughout will be on the “foundations” of these physical theories. Some specific topics to be covered may include the logical structure of the theories; the geometrical interpretations of Einstein’s equation, the Yang-Mills equation, and “gauge” potentials; the status, interpretation, and relations between various principles of symmetry and conservation; the causal and topological structure of spacetime; and the relationships between general relativity, the “geometrized” formulation of Newtonian gravitation, and theories of force and matter.

    Course website; Syllabus (incl. website password).

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